About us

Welcome Pokemon trainer and thank you for visiting your Mini Pokemart!

Mini Pokemart is an all in one stop for everything Pokemon, we are happy to bring you exclusive Pokemon toys, cards and other collectibles from US and Japan.

In the end, we are all about Pokemon! We are happy and excited to bring you unique Pokemon items that will otherwise be hard to get from regular big brand stores.

Mini Pokemart was born of the idea of creating a unique place for Poke-maniacs and fans to find all what they need to become a true Poke-master.

So why Mini Pokemart?

As a collector, gamer and Pokemon fan since the day the games were released I decided to take action and use all the Poke knowledge I have from all these years and use it to do something meaningful...

Something that can contribute back to the hobby and the community that I love.

And that is where I decided to create this store around Pokemon cards, games and more!

In the end it is not only about the store, the vision for Mini Pokemart is to build a place to share this passion with other Pokemon trainers out there, a place like a hobby shop but without the limitations of a physical presence...

Thanks to the vast reach that internet can give us, it was a no brainier to create this project as an online store!

I really hope that we can reach as many trainers out there, build this amazing community and just make new friends along the way.

Anyway, this project will never succeed without your support so I am very happy to have you here, thanks again for visiting your Mini Pokemart and hope you find our offerings and community and awesome place to stay!

So feel free to check our Shop and our community

If you have suggestions or questions feel free to contact us or read our FAQ section

See you at the end of the elite four trainer.